Steve Davies designs, prints, builds and fits 3D printed hands and arms for children (completely for free!)

A recent Channel 4 series called ‘Shed of the Year’ has unearthed a real community hero in Steve and his partner Drew Murray, who together make up Team Unlimbited.

The children can pick any colour or theme they want, as each prosthetic limb is created to reflect the personality and character of them.

Steve, who was born without a left had, knows full well the difficulties facing children with missing or amputated limbs.

Steve describes one of his first prosthetic arms as ‘something out of a medieval torture chamber’.

He said his own experiences with prosthetics were his inspiration ‘to make things better’.

His own 3D printed limbs cost a fraction of other bionic limbs on the market, costing about £20 per piece, whereas other models can vary from anywhere between £60,000 and £150,000.

Steve and Drew’s designs have also been made available for non-commercial use on an open-source basis.