Are you struggling with your mental health and feel like you need some Counselling Support?

We’ve teamed up with Disability Plus, to offer specialist counselling services delivered for Amputees by Amputees.

Amputee Counselling Services; for amputees by amputees.

Disability Plus offer Loss of Limb Counselling & Psychotherapy; delivered by a highly qualified team, with most of them being amputees themselves.

Find out more about their counselling services here: Disability Plus Amputee Counselling.

The therapists at Disability Plus are highly trained and having undergone some form of amputation themselves, understand how losing a limb can change your life.

Whether you have become an amputee due to illness of injury, we know that the emotional effects of limb loss can be traumatic.

If you feel like you are struggling to come to terms with becoming an amputee, then we would recommend speaking to someone about it.

We try our best as a charity to support every amputee that comes to us for help, but we are not trained counsellors.

We would always recommend speaking to a professional if you are really struggling with your mental health.

Disability Plus offer a range of funding options including NHS funding.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation with Disability Plus, click the button below and fill out a self referral form: