Calvert Trust Lakes Trip April 2022

This weekend we took another group of amputees to the absolutely fabulous Calvert Trust Lakes site in Keswick, Lake District.

We do several of these trips each year and each year the attendees blow us away with their attitudes, determination, achievements and their inspiration to others.

This year was no exception, with many attendees joining us for the first time.

We usually have a number of returning visitors, simply because once you’ve been and experience the Calvert Trust you’re hungry to do it again, but this year we wanted as many new people to experience it as possible.


You can read some of the testimonials from our visitors below:

It’s been so lovely to meet you all and hopefully meet again at some point. I have had a really lovely time and certainly pushed myself this weekend. Thank you for the fantastic opportunity. Safe journey home everyone 🥰 x Angela

Morning everyone. I’d like to say thank you to each and everyone of you for this weekend. Its been another amazing calvert experience with some truly amazing people. I can’t remember the last time I laughed like I did this weekend. It was an honour and a pleasure to meet each and everyone of you. I hope you all have a safe trip home🙏 – Dave

Thank you everyone. Loved it, some much love and a togetherness. We’ll meet again, pls we just have to make it happen. 🤣🥰🤩 – John

Just got home, running on caffeine only!!!!! 
I had the best time everrrrrrr 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
It was amazing to meet such an amazing bunch of people 😁
I’m on a proper high after a bloody fab weekend, can’t wait to meet again xxxxx Clare

Am home safe and sound what a weekend absolutely brilliant am so honoured to meet so many amazing new people thank you everyone for making it a excellent memorable weekend xx – Paul Chiz

I had a fantastic time with you all and it was humbling to me, to meet such inspirational people and had such a good laugh 🙏❤️ – Ivan

What a weekend it has been meeting old friends and new, you are all truly incredible 🎉
Individually we are just a drop, but together we’re an ocean 💕 xx – Kirsty

Cheers everyone for a belting weekend your all awesome I cant wait for the next piss up….i mean trip
Big thanks to Steve and Jackie for all your hard work sorting it out 🙌🏽 – Sam

Just got home. A fab weekend with a bunch of fab people. Thanks Steve and Jackie for arranging such a great weekend. Think I may just go to sleep now 😴 🙂 – Sue

Just woken up after crashing after I got home. Thank you so much Jackie and Steve for an amazing weekend. So good to meet people like me, experiencing similar things to me too. Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all again soon xx – Natalie

Thank you so much to everyone for such an amazing weekend. I feel so lucky to have these opportunities and to have the pleasure of spending such fun times with those of you I already knew and meeting those of you that I hadn’t before. More new amp friends & you’re all amazing in so many ways 😘 Not forgetting you too @⁨Jackie⁩ (you 4 limbed freak 🤣🤣
Masses of love to you all and strength to get through the week ahead 😘 I’m going to need a lot of luck with that!! x x x – Cara

100% Recommended. The staff are so amazing and supportive! I’ve been an amputee for 25 years and NEVER had the chance to meet others like this AND have such a wonderful opportunity to try things I haven’t previously. Just the boost I needed.

What a FABULOUS weekend!! Thank you so much for the opportunity I’ve LOVED it! Especially all the people with similar struggles. Including this amazing lady who wasn’t even going to climb!! 🧗🏻‍♀️🏅💗🏆🎉 x – Vicki


We give out a number of awards at each trip, to recognise people who go the extra mile during their time at the Calvert Trust.

Every time, we struggle to choose our winners, because every one of you are winners in our eyes.

Jackie and I have been wrecking our brains sorting these awards today, it’s so hard as you have all been so amazing.

Achiever of the weekend
For giving every single thing a go and smashing everything, one of our oldest here this weekend and also a bilateral amputee, give a big round of applause for John Gibb.

Courage and bravery award
For being so unbelievably positive and smashing everything in her tracks, also probably the most recent amputee here and you’d never know because of her sheer determination, today especially you have shone so bright, give a massive round of applause for Clare Sutcliffe.

Go the extra mile award
This award could go to many of you guys as you’ve all supported each other and gone the extra mile, but one person has really proved she has a little something that has given so many of us here inspiration from doing something many of us would think if as impossible as an amputee, so a massive round of applause to our crazy lake swimming nutter, Vicki Gilbert.

Last but far from least, is the outstanding award
We don’t have a trophy for this award as with being outstanding, you should stand out. So, this person has helped pretty much everyone, always cracking jokes and making people laugh, always saying things that only he could get away with saying, definitely the most none PC person you will ever meet, massive round of applause for Ivan Leyland.


Would you like to join us on our next Calvert Trust trip?