Paid market research for children with additional needs

Acumen Fieldwork – Healthcare Opinions are currently looking to speak to children aged 2-13 and their parents/caregivers about clothing.

We would like to hear their thoughts and opinions via a paid market research 7-day online community (completing tasks and questions on a secure platform).

The aim of the study is to improve the functionality of clothing for children with visible and non-visible disabilities.
We would like to hear from more children who use prosthetics (and their parents).

Would it be possible to share the link below with parents who may be interested, who have children who could benefit from sharing their thoughts to improve clothing adaptations for all?

The link has further information about the research and offers the opportunity to apply:

Format: Online Interview
Dates: Tuesday 7th – Tuesday 14th June
Duration: 7 days
Incentive: £300 via bank transfer

The research will be held online and we would like to invite you and your child to hear their valuable thoughts and opinions.

In the 7-day online community you will assist your child to complete questions and tasks, in order to gather feedback with the goal to help improve children’s clothing for all. The tasks will be set each day and must be completed each day (at a time of day suitable for you).

The research client also wishes to conduct a 60-minute follow-up Zoom interview with a selected few. If you are chosen to participate in the follow-up session, you will receive an additional £80.

They will take place between 27th June – 1st July and those chosen will be notified once the online community has finished.